Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Fullmetal Alchemist: Inescapable Heaven
“Destroy the bomb” That’s what they had set out to do. A wild goose, trying to make up for a stupid mistake, sounding from earlier yet? Edward Elric gave an exasperated sigh
“Are we there yet?” He winced hearing the childish statement come out of his mouth. He wasn’t a kid anymore!
“No, not yet.” The words popped out of Al, who sitting across from him in the truck,’s mouth just as automatically. Unlike Ed however Alphonse smiled afterward. The from earlier exchange gave him a sense of home even in this strange new world.
Try as he might Alphonse couldn’t stop thinking of Amestris as home. He missed Winry, and Pinako, and Rose, and baby Kain, and everyone else left back on the other side of the gate.
Edward meanwhile was determined to put their past behind them. He wouldn’t let himself think about Amestris until they where well settled in this world. Instead, he tried to think of ways to preoccupy himself and avoid letting out another embarrassing slip up. Damn it! If only he could drive! A car would come in really handy. If only he hadn’t totaled… then again it wasn’t entirely his fault! if Alfons hadn’t… Alfons… Pain stabbed through Ed’s gut,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Saber

Here are some things to give a little bit of info about Saber, the one new MAIN Character In FMAIH


Saber Fun
by *tansyuduri on deviantART


Reminiscence I
by *tansyuduri on deviantART

Monday, September 27, 2010

Noah's Status

Ok so from what I've read so far the head covering was used by the roma to show that a woman was married So basically three out of this picture are probably married, the fact they look so young doesnt mean much, some roma married early from what I read too... which raises the question was Noah married?
I found a site that said she was 24 but I'd have to check that, I find it hard to believe, apparently woman who were left non married were viewed with suspicion but I don't know... I was thinking it might be that fortune tellers also wore headcloths but I'll have to look that up... so that leaves us with a few possibilities

  • Noah is married. (I don't think so It just doesn't seem to fit)
  • Noah is unmarried but wears a headcloth (this is possible apparently not all romani tribes had the headcloth rule)
  • Noah is wearing the headcloth because he's a fortune teller (I dunno I'll have to look this up)

She Does Take it off fairly quick though (once it become apparent shes not fortune telling? ohhh is that a clue?)

Oh it looks like she took it off as soon as she got inside though....

But At the end shes clearly seen wearing no head cloth despite having embraced her gypsy traditions again (aka Roma clothing and not showing her legs  as you can see here:

So I dunno, but I don't think Noah is married

(BTW the picture with them in the car further emphasises the gypsy-headcloth thing. so does that mean scar and lust alters haven't married yet?)